Technical Manuals

Technical Manuals

CHAND has successfully developed and delivered a variety of technical manuals for both the U.S. Government and commercial industry utilizing enhanced software applications. Our expertise includes operator and maintenance manuals, engineering operator’s manuals, Ship Information Books (SIB) and Cutter Information Books (CIB), Damage Control Books (DCB) as well as Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) technical manuals and Technical Repair Standards (TRS) manuals. CHAND has expertise with SGML/XML applications, which is illustrated through delivery of technical manuals for several platforms.

CHAND utilizes SGML authoring structure in addition to specialized formatting engines employed through Arbortext Epic Editor to accomplish these tasks. These tools greatly enhance standardization and allow authors to concentrate on developing content rather than concerning themselves with formatting, thereby greatly streamlining the authoring process. CHAND has developed training documentation using the same software to develop XML applications complying with e-learning initiatives and shareable content modules.

CHAND integrates an entire platform's technical data in Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) using an S1000D common source database. IETMs provide access to all of the vessel support data in one easily searchable interface.


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