CHAND's History

CHAND is located in Mathews, Louisiana, approximately 50 miles southwest of New Orleans. Named for the Bollinger sisters, Charlotte and Andie, CHAND was established in 1988 to provide complete Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) for both commercial and military programs. Through the years, CHAND has expanded its knowledge and technical expertise to evolve into a premier Integrated Logistics Support company.

Integrated Logistics Support

Our technical staff includes logisticians, technical writers, training instructors, reliability and maintenance engineers who are proficient in developing a variety of technical data. Included as part of our technical expertise are CAD operators, illustrators, graphic designers and web developers.

Supply Support

CHAND has also provided complete outfitting supplies and spare parts for the US Navy, US Coast Guard, US Army and Foreign Military as well as several commercial vessels. Our experienced supply support group is capable of handling all of your maintenance and repair parts needs. We have an extensive supply support system populated with proven sources of over 30,000 vendors.


CHAND has provided successful training for both Commercial and Military programs. The CHAND Training team is staffed with subject matter experts and former U.S. Military personnel with a combined total of more than 50 years in the shipbuilding industry and 85 years military sea service. Our instructors possess skill sets developed from military training commands, exportable training teams, and as technical instructors in the shipbuilding industry.


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