Supply Support

CHAND supplies spares, repair parts, and consumables in support of the complete logistics package in an effort to maintain high operational availability for all systems.

CHAND’s team utilizes their in-house developed software system, CAPPS© (Computer-Aided Parts Procurement System) to procure and track spares for both U.S. Government and commercial programs. Containing over 55,000 suppliers and 99,000 cataloged items, CAPPS© is instrumental in locating parts anywhere around the world while affording the customer the best value in cost and availability.

CAPPS© also maintains historical information such as purchase and sales history. CAPPS© features also include the capability of creating bar-code labels allowing CHAND to give the customer a user-friendly basis to locate the parts aboard the vessel or in a selected storage facility.

CHAND conducts load-out and inventory processes with the customer, program management, shipyard production, and vessel crews to minimize interferences and to expedite load-out. CHAND is very familiar with Government programs such as ROMIS-MMS and MERLIN. CAPPS© is built utilizing commercial software which allows these types of systems, as well as other systems, the ease of integrated data opportunities.