Careers & Culture

A Culture Built on Passion

CHAND team members strive to deliver quality products and we share a common goal in achieving company success. We strive for timeliness all while providing the highest quality service.

We execute our projects with integrity and we have earned the trust of our customers by fostering loyalty through proactive relationships, setting realistic expectations, and employing highly qualified employees in order to deliver products right the first time!  


First to Call

CHAND’s diversity fuels creativity and provides benefits to our employees, our customers, and our community. Our employees are empowered to spearhead their own projects, are encouraged to express innovative concepts, and are able to recommend improvements to our Quality System…all while meeting our customer’s requirements.

We use a formula for success with many ingredients, including imagination, safety, agility, flexibility, diversity, trust, innovation, passion, assertiveness, and industry-proven procedures.  And yes….we are able to meet our objectives while still managing to have some fun in the process. We want to work hard and yet have fun at work.

The CHAND Team continuously reaches for the top with our TOP objective.  We equip our employees with the Tools to be successful so that we can provide Outstanding Service to our customers while ultimately making a Profit. 

We are able to do all of these things so that CHAND can meet the overall company mission and core values that enable us to reach our vision – First to CALL.

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