LSV-7 and US Army LSV-8

US Army LSV-7 and US Army LSV-8

CHAND developed a logistics support package for the US Army LSVs built by VT Halter Marine. The performance included Logistics Management Information (LMI), Technical Manuals, Training, and Spare Parts procurement.

LMI consisted of the development of a Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC), Short Form Provisioning Parts List (SFPPL), Interim Support Items List (ISIL), Pre-procurement screening, Engineering Data for Provisioning (EDFP), Basic Issue Items List (BIIL), Components of End Item (COEI), Onboard Spares List (OBSL), Expendable/Durable Items List (EDIL), Long Team Time Items List (LLTI), Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE).

Technical Manual development consisted of COTS manuals, Operator Manual (-10); Unit, GS, and DS Manual (-24), Repair Parts and Special Tools List (RPSTL -24P) Manual; and Shipboard Damage Control Manual. Development of -10, -24, -24P, and SDC manual were accomplished using SGML authoring software.

Training development consisted of training material and conduct for Tester, IKPT, and New Equipment Training (NET) courses.

Spare parts procurement included the purchasing, packaging, and bar-code labeling of the Basic Issue Items List (BIIL), Interim Support Items List (ISIL), outfitting, and Onboard Spare Parts (OBRP). Once received, the material was shipped to the vessel’s home port.