The 192’ Regional Class Research Vessel (RCRV) provides an operating platform for performing a variety of scientific missions.

The ship has flexible laboratory spaces; large aft working deck space; accommodations for scientists, technicians, and students; and a full complement of mission specific scientific equipment. 

The ship has a high-tech series of sonars including multi-beam sonars, Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), and fisheries sonars. 

Significant within the RCRV design is the initiative to minimize underwater and airborne noise to support acoustically sensitive instruments and missions while also increasing habitability. 

The vessel is also highly maneuverable, being controlled by twin z-drives and bow thrusters.

CHAND services included Program Management, Training Plan Development, Training Conduct, COTS Manuals, Maintenance Management System Data, Vendor Recommended Spares, Integrated Power Plant Operating Manual, Integrated Bridge System Manual, Integrated Machinery Alarm and Control System Manual, Engineer’s Auxiliary Machinery Operating Manual, Science Equipment Operating Manual, Ship Science Information Book, Consolidated Maintenance Manual, and General Information Book.