USCG Sentinel Class Fast Response Cutter (FRC)

CHAND is developing the full Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) package for the 154’ Sentinel Class Fast Response Cutter (FRC) fleet being constructed by Bollinger. CHAND’s logistics support efforts for the program include: Life Cycle Cost Estimate (LCCE); Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM); Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A); Readiness Based Sparing (RBS) Recommendations; Configuration Management (CM); Configuration Status Accounting (CSA); Provisioning Technical Documentation (PTD); System Manuals; Cutter Information Book (CIB); Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP); Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Manuals; Technical Repair Standards (TRS) Manuals; Training Needs Analysis; Factory Training; Familiarization Training; and Spare Parts Sourcing, Procurement, Handling and Outfitting.

The Sentinel Class patrol boat project (FRC) being constructed by Bollinger (awarded in September of 2008) will help the Coast Guard meet its needs for additional patrol boats. The existing shortage of cutters diminishes the Coast Guard’s ability to best accomplish its missions. The FRC will enhance the fleet and will allow the Coast Guard to complete all potential missions. The FRC serves as a replacement for the 110 foot Island Class cutters.

The FRC is 154 feet long with a 26.6-foot beam and displaces 353 metric tons while accommodating 24 crew members. The FRC is capable of speeds up to 28 knots and is able to perform independently at sea for a minimum of 5 days and be underway for a total of 2,500 hours per year. Transit speed is 18 knots (minimum); loiter speed is 10 knots (minimum), 16 knots (maximum); and maneuvering speed is 3 knots (minimum) and 7 knots (maximum).

Overall service life is 20 years. The FRC is armed with one remotely-operated 25mm chain gun and four crew-served .50 caliber machine guns.